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How to French

A set of playing cards that help you learn common French phrases in the most fun way – through comics, all without having to commit to learning the language.


Concept, Illustration, Brand & Package Design





Learning any language takes commitment. Even if you have the will to learn, you may lack the time and energy required for it.


Presenting a traditional deck of playing cards with a creative twist that will help you learn French with fun and ease while playing your favourite card games.

The top side of each card contains a French phrase, its meaning and pronunciation, paired with relevant humour in the form of illustrated comics on the reverse side. 


Studies have shown that relevant humour can be particularly effective in boosting memory. These cards are designed to retain the phrases and words learnt with the aid of comics and characters.

How to French_Presentation_all cards_01.jpg
How to French_Presentation_Pattern-02.jpg
How to French_Presentation_Pattern 2_purple.jpg

Icons inspired by Azam Ishaq for under creative commons

How to French_Presentation_dark bg_Top side Arrangement.jpg
Character design For Web.jpg

Comic characters were designed with unique traits and personalities to make learning vibrant and playful as they go along their hilarious and awkward day-to-day lives throughout the cards.

How to French_mockup_05.jpg
How to French_Mockup_06.jpg
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