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Times Neue Magazine

A conceptual magazine that discusses the future of graphic design as envisioned by six young designers. Each article has been carefully written by a designer covering various topics of interest such as cultural impact, accessibility, women in design, amongst others.


Editorial, Print, Writing


Student Project, mentored by Prof. Marion Jhunja




Priyal Gupta, Sanskriti Dholi, Siddhika Deshmukh, Shobhitha NS, Tara D Nair, Soumya Gupta

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The magazine was conceptualised, named, written, designed, and printed by the team in a rigorous two-week publication design module. Each designer has written their individual articles while staying true to the cohesiveness of the publication.

My article 'The Future is Female' features five Indian designers who are making a mark in the industry with their intentional and thoughtful work.


The focus in writing this piece was to not only acquaint design students with the possibilities within the field but also to inspire them with the works of these young women–who were once design students like themselves.

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